Brincos Elegantes Faceis/ Easy Elegant Earrings


Materiais/ Materials
Miçangas 8/0 de cores Metallica e dourada/ 8° seed beads in metallic and golden colors
10 contas achatadas facetadas de 8mm/ 10 8mm faceted flat round beads
2 alfinetes de cabeça / 2 headpins
2 acabamentos tipo anzol/ 2 hooked ear wires
Linha de nailon/ Nylon thread
Alicate de ponta redonda / round nose pliers
Tesoura/ Scissors

Em um alfinete de cabeça coloque alternadamente 1 miçanga dourada e uma conta achatada com um total de 5 de cada, terminando com uma conta chata.
in a headpin alternate a golden seed bead and an 8mm until you’ve strung in 5 of each, finishing with an 8mm

Com o alicate faca o acabamento do alfinete ( vejaDICAS)
With the round nose pliers finish the headpin by twisting the wire ( see TIPS for how to do is properly)


Com um pedaço de fio de nailon de aprox 20cm passe a linha dentro da miçanga directamente acima da cabeça do alfinete ( dourada), Deixe espaço para dar uns 2-3 nós, corte a linha em excesso.
Cut a piece of nylon thread to about 20cm in length. Run in through the seedbead directly above the end of the headpin ( golden bead). Leave enough room to tie 2-3 overhand knots. Cut off excess thread.


Passe na linha 2 micangas metálicas, 1 dourada e 2 metalicase passe a linha dentro da próxima miçanga dourada central.
Run through the thread 2 metallic seed beads, 1 golden and 2 metallics. Pass the thread through the golden bead in the headpin.


Repita o passo acima até a penúltima conta, a linha terá a tendência de seguir a forma de zig zag mas se não manipule-a com os dedos mas nao se preocupe muito, ela ficara no lugar uma vez que der o nó final.
Repeat the step above all the way till the second to last 8mm. The thread has the tendency to keep the zigzag shape but if it doesn’t coax it a bit wi your fingers but don’t worry too much about it, it’ll keep it’s shape once you finish it off with a knot.


Agora repita mas uma vez o passo acima mas desta vez desça pela conta de 8mm. Aqui dê 2 nós bem apertados e escondo nó. Corte a linha em excesso.
Now repeat the step above except this time run the thread down through the 8mm. Tie a coupe of overhand knots and hide them, then cut off excess thread.


Abra a argola do acabamento do brinco e passe pela argola do alfinete, feche. Pronto! Agora é só repetir e terá um par lindo de brincos prontos em minutos!
Open the ring from the earwire and place in the ring from the headpin and close. You’re done! Just repeat and you’ll have a lovely pair of earrings ready in no time!


About Yasmine Bijoux

Hi and welcome to my blog! I'm an Italian who grew up in the US and for the moment lives in Brazil. I love beading and sharing what I know. This is my little corner of creativity where I hope you'll find useful tips, ideas and inspirations! To talk to me leave a comment or email me at . If you've made a piece following my tutorials be sure to send me a picture so I can show it off here! Enjoy your stay!

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